Three honey ice lollies

Three honey ice lollies

Not one, not two, but THREE honey ice lollies recipes for you to make at home! Whether you're sunbathing by your window or have found a cheeky little staycation by the sea, you don't need to spend loads of money to feel like you're abroad this summer... 


Enough for four lollies. Takes 5minutes and leave to freeze overnight

Mix together 3-4 tbsp Greek yogurt with 1-2 tsp Scottish blossom honey, depending on how sweet your tooth is. Pop 200g of strawberries in a mixer or food processor until the mixture is creamy - make sure top the green heads off strawberries before doing this. Using a spoon, pour one layer of yoghurt into the ice lolly moulds, then add the strawberry blend. Add another spoon of yoghurt and alternate between them both until your lolly moulds are full. Pop in the lolly sticks and and freeze overnight. ENJOY!

A variation on this is using peaches instead...

You will need 300g greek yoghurt (full fat if possible), 50g Scottish blossom honey and three peaches...
This one goes in the oven. Peel and then slice the peaches, placing on a baking try and bake at 160 degrees for twenty five minutes. While you wait, combine the yogurt and the honey until the mixture isn't streaky. Remove the peaches when soft and layer the peaches and the yogurt in the mould. Freeze overnight.


This one is super quick and very easy! Take one lemon, peel the outside and keep the zest. cut in half and juice the insides in a bowl. Mix in two tsp of Scottish heather honey and warm water (approximately 300ml). Stir until honey is fully dissolved. Pour into moulds and freeze overnight!


Perfect for kids as this has minimal mess and has natural sweetness to satisfy those summer sugar urges! This will take around 10 minutes to make an needs to be left overnight to freeze. Buy a bag of frozen summer berries from the supermarket, but rather than freezing these, tip some into a small bowl and let them soften. Take 200ml of natural yogurt and 3 tsp of Scottish blossom honey and mix in. Divide the mixture between your moulds and leave overnight in the freezer.


Now that the kids have got their summer treat... make yours here!


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