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Scottish Blossom Honey 340g

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Our smooth, sweet Blossom Honey is produced by bees that forage on nectar gathered from wild flowers in Scotland.

Pure and natural Scottish blossom honey that is good for our bees and good for the environment. Made from the nectar of a mix of flowers including clover, lime, and oil seed rape. Gathered from our bee friendly hives around Scotland, every batch of blossom honey is unique. No two batches are crafted exactly the same.

This pure blossom honey is incredibly versatile, enjoy it spread over toast or added to your morning smoothie.

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Is this raw honey?

We don't use the term raw honey for this product as the term 'raw honey' is not permitted by Trading Standards.

However, we feel this is what some people mean when they ask if it's 'raw honey': pure honey, taken from the hive and gently warmed so it can be manually filtered (but never above the temperature of the hive and never pasteurised). We do not mix it with anything else.

After filtering it is processed in an organic processing facility and jarred to perfection. 

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    Scottish Bee Company Scottish Blossom Honey 340g
    Scottish Bee Company Scottish Blossom Honey 340g

    • Supporting Pollinators

      10p from every unit sold is donated to our sister charity, repollinate, which aims to increase pollination through education programmes and wildflower projects.


      We exclusively use the highest quality, locally-sourced ingredients. Crafted in small batches, our products are never mass-produced or ultra-processed, ensuring freshness and flavour in every bite.


      All of our packaging is recyclable making it an excellent environmentally responsible choice.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Tracey Mckee
    Fantastic Honey

    This is best honey in the UK .. tried other ones but none better !!!! Would highly recommend


    For me this is just the best honey on the market, the most delicious honey I have ever had, and you hardly need any as the flavour goes a long way so lasts longer than a normal pot. 100% worth the money.

    Paul Ferrie
    Stunningly beautiful honey

    Love this honey lm a add to porridge kinda guy

    Allan Ferrie
    BeeScottish 🐝

    Lovely stuff will be reordering 🍯