Bees knees cocktail

Bees knees cocktail

We are thrilled to introduce this brand new recipe. A bespoke twist on a well known cocktail, made by our wonderful friends at the Garden Shed Drinks Company. The company was conceived (as all brilliant ideas are) over dinner - to create a gin company that makes its products in a shed, using all the ingredients found on their doorstep. Several years, hundreds of recipes, and many delicious gins later here they are, full of wonderful recipes for us to try! Here’s the scrumptious Bees Knees cocktail for you to enjoy!


Bees Knees

This cocktail was created during the prohibition era, when alcohol was scarce but the needs were high! Bees Knees more commonly means ‘the best’, and we couldn’t agree more.



15ml Orange Juice

75ml of The Garden Shed Drinks Company’s Dry Gin

30ml Lemon juice

20ml 4 spoons of Scottish Bee Company honey (approximately 1 parts h2o to 3 parts honey)



For this particular cocktail you need to stir the honey in with the lemon juice, then add in the orange juice. Stir until fully dissolved. Next add the gin. Pop everything in a shaker, add a few ice cubes and shake shake shake! Fine strain the mixture into coupe glasses and finish with a twist of zesty orange. TOP TIP pop the glasses in a fridge for thirty mins to chill. Please drink responsibly (and only if you are over 18 years old!)


A note on honey in cocktails

Mixologists love to use honey in cocktails, and the most knowledgable cocktail makers know the right honeys to pair with the right spirits.

Honey gets its flavour from the nectar the bees gather from local plants and flowers.  If there are oranges or clover in the vicinity, the honey may carry the taste of these blossoms. When honey is analysed (especially blossom honeys), often there are traces of hundreds of flowers, berries and fruits. A lot of this is trial and error, so have fun in the discovery!

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