Shrub Drinks

What is a shrub drink? If you haven’t come across Shrubs then we are delighted to introduce you to these fruity cordials. Shrubs are a type of syrup made out of fruit and vinegar. The vinegar preserves the fruit and makes a drink that is both sweet and sharp, and very fruity. We use Apple cider vinegar and white wine vinegar in these tangy vinegar drinks. 

We use only the freshest ingredients. We gather a lot of our fruit from Aberdeenshire and across Scotland. We match them to make the very best combinations. Try with sparkling water or added into cocktails to give an exciting, tangy twist to your drink.

What is a Shrub Drink?

Not to be confused with the plants you grow in the garden, a shrub drink comes from the Arabic word 'sharab' meaning 'to drink'. Historically the addition of vinegar would allow people to keep fruit fresh for a long time and created a lovely refreshing vinegar based drink. These are tart and you can taste the vinegar but don't let that put you off as combined with the sweetness of the fruits its hugely tangy. 

Shrub drinks disappeared for a long while and were only made by people in their homes for a hobby but recently there has been a resurgence in popularity with mixologists adding them to cocktails and mocktails. 

Our shrub drinks contain either white wine vinegar or apple cider vinegar. White wine vinegar is a more subtle taste while apple cider vinegar is widely recognised for its health benefits. 

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