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Kilduff Farm Blossom Honey

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Based in the heart of East Lothian, our bees have been roaming the secluded arable farm and pollinating their extensive mix of crops to create another limited batch of honey! 

Every year our bees pollinate the pumpkins at ‘The Patch’ to create a pumpkin flavoured honey in collaboration with our lovely friends at Kilduff Farm. Our bees have been pollinating a mix of wildflowers over the summer to produce a set blossom honey. 

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A wee bit about Kilduff Farm

Kilduff Farm is a family run farm based between Haddington and North Berwick, just outside of Edinburgh. Having always been surrounded by rural life, Russell runs the farm with the help of his wife, Lucy. Learning from his grandfather managing the land at Kilduff, Russell couples his morals learnt growing up on the farm and incorporates them into modern day practices such as regenerative farming.

Much of their locally grown produce is used across Scotland, it’s highly likely you’ll have tasted their grains in your breakfast or beer! Their infamous ‘Patch’ brings in crowds of all ages in October offering an opportunity for a different day out picking pumpkins from their fields with the added bonus of educating and engaging in the life cycle of certain foods. 

Kilduff Blossom Honey

Our set, blossom honey is produced by bees foraging on nectar from the unique biodiversity at Kilduff Farm. In turn, the bees are helping pollinate their pumpkins and apple trees. 

This batch is made from a mix of nectar; rapeseed, hawthorn, clover and legume plants. 

Kilduff Blossom Honey jar with a brown background

Grab yourself a jar before it's too late! Try it here.

As always, we donate 10p from every jar sold to our sister charity, repollinate

Did you see our limited, small batch of the finest pure, runny honey? Produced by our bee farmers in Perthshire, Clover is one of the only truly runny honeys around. Get your hands on a jar by clicking HERE!

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Patrick Fox
Patrick Fox

Brilliant blog, i’ll “bee” keeping my eyes peeled for Kilduff Farm

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