Our award winning heather and blossom honeys are more than just delicious, they are full of natural antibacterial and antimicrobial goodness.

What's happening right now?

Current bee count: 0

If you're arrived on this page in the first half of the year, you'll see that the bee population is steadily climbing. The queen starts increased egg laying activity at around Christmas time, and then starts to build the colony size throughout spring in readiness for the nectar flow and honey production.

Once summer is over, and the nectar is tailing off, the colony decreases in size throughout the autumn until it's at its smallest, just before midwinter.


At The Scottish Bee Company we are passionate about pollinators and increasing the amount of wildflower spaces is a company priority!

All our fully packaged gift options come with a pack of wildflower seeds and for every jar of honey sold we make a donation to Repollinate