Fruit Vinegars

Wake up your tastebuds today with our sensational fruit vinegar collection! Made from freshwild berries pollinated by our bees, they are a tantalising taste explosion. Add these versatile bottles of flavour to your kitchen cupboard or gift them to your fabulous foodie friends. Trust us these are the quality condiments you cannot do without, and they are vegan and vegetarian friendly!

We spent ages trying to find flavours to go with vinegar and the Scottish landscape really has been the perfect starting point. The wild berries that grow along the hedgerows and the fruit farming up and down the country have provided an excellent and nutritious source for them. We wanted to have flavour explosions that would allow people to be creative with their salad dressings. Available in a variety of flavours, you will never run out of ways to use these premium quality vinegars. Perfect as a marinade, drizzled on salad, used as a dip or as a delicious topping on your desert. See you soon traditional vinegars....our fruit vinegars are where it's at!