Passionate about pollinators

The Scottish Bee Company was founded by Iain and Suzie Millar in 2017. They felt strongly about the UK’s declining bee population and decided to do something to help. Their passion and determination prompted them to adopt some bees, hire a team of expert bee farmers and brought them together in the heather covered hills of Scotland to produce uniquely flavorful honeys that evoke a sense of Scotland’s unspoiled wilderness.

Although they now have a wonderful team working for them The Scottish Bee Company still carries its heritage and is still a family (and friend) business with pollination and bees at heart.


Today, The Scottish Bee Company have over 500 hives equating to around 25 million bees at the height of summer! Suzie and Iain also started a sister charity - that aims to protect all types of pollinators through wildflowers spaces and education programmes. 10p from every jar of honey purchased is donated to Repollinate.

Passionate about becoming experts in all things honey, Suzie has recently achieved her Honey Sommelier status. 

Our bee-friendly approach

There are many positive reasons to support The Scottish Bee Company but just in case you need help to see what we are really passionate about then here are a few reasons to get involved:

Our bee farmers

We are committed to our social responsibility and are working with local bee farmers to grow the bee farming industry in Scotland. With an urgent need for more bee farmers to meet the demand for Scottish honey, we are keen to support and develop new talent within the industry. Interested in bee farming? Get in touch

Our hives

The Scottish Bee Company utilise the best hives for the welfare of all our bees. Our hives are specially designed to nurture the bee population and specifically for keeping them safe during the cold Scottish winter months.

Did you know...

The Queen bee can lay 1,500 — 2,000 eggs per day, which is more than her own body weight in eggs, every day.
She lays 200,000 eggs per year making a colony of up to 60,000 bees at the height of summer!