Pure Honey

Pure honey and provenance are of highest importance. Our honey is real and authentic, we do not add sugar syrup or cut it with a cheaper honey. Our pure heather honey is the first ever food product to receive the BSI Kitemark. Our Blossom honey is a blend from the whole of Scotland, containing a mix of Clover, Rapeseed, Raspberry and Gorse. We produce set honeys, that are 100% natural, free from pesticides and GMO's. 10p from every jar is donated to our sister charity Repollinate. Enjoy these pure honeys in the knowledge you are helping the bee population to thrive. 

Pure honey blog posts


'One of the most commonly asked questions is what is pure honey? Is it the same as raw honey? Like the words ‘raw’ and ‘superfood’, pure honey is something that many people have heard of, but they don’t necessarily know what it means'


'This spicy pure honey and lemon tea is incredibly good for your throat, chest and immune system...and is super easy to make! All you need is some ginger, cayenne pepper and, of course, some of our pure Scottish Heather Honey'


'Raw honey vs pure honey is one of the biggest debates in the honey world. First let's chat about what they are...'


'As people have become more aware of the importance of living a healthier lifestyle, buzzwords such as ‘pure honey’ and ‘raw honey' have become more and more popular, even though the meaning in the honey world doesn’t quite match up'

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What is pure honey?

In its simplest form, pure honey means nothing at all has been added to the honey. No sweeteners, oils or flavours.This doesn’t mean that it is tasteless. Honey gets its flavour from nature, from the pollen in the local flowers and plants that the bees forage on. This means you can get many types of pure honey; blossom, heather, manuka, bush etc. Each specific honey will be unique and will depend on the environment the flowers (and bees) have had to thrive in. Unlike what is known as raw honey, pure honey can be filtered to remove any nasties that shouldn’t be there; pollen, dead bees, dirt etc.

Raw honey

We only describe our honeycomb as 'raw honey' as it is taken straight from the hive and put into a tin so there is no filtering. Our understanding of the rules surrounding using the term 'raw honey' is that if it is filtered you may no longer call it raw. However, our pure honey is only ever manually filtered, never heated above the temperature of the hive and never pasteurised making it as close to raw honey as you can get. We pride ourselves on making pure honey that is of the finest quality. 

BSI Kitemark for Food Provenance 

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