Apple Cider Vinegar Infused with Raspberries and Thyme

What a superb match of freshness and fragrance and oh so sweet thanks to the abundance of raspberries we grow here in Scotland!

  • Herbs and fruit make a wonderful combination if you choose carefully. In this delicious pairing, the tangy taste and smell of thyme brings out the sweetness of the juicy raspberries.
  • This organic apple cider vinegar is a delicious burst of nature and so versatile that you can use it to enhance many of your favourite dishes.
  • Presented beautifully, treat yourself or a friend to this delicious apple cider vinegar infused with raspberries and thyme. It will add some va’voom to your cooking and transform your recipes all with one little pour.
  • All of our vinegars are unpasteurised and contain the mother.
  • We always test these to ensure there are no pesticides.

Here are some ways to bring our vinegar infusion into your cooking:

  • To take your salads (even fruit) from ordinary to extraordinary as an out of the box dressing
  • To bring your lasagne to life
  • To liven up your lamb as a mouth-watering and flavoursome marinade

Ingredients: Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (contains SULPHITES), Sugar, Raspberries, Thyme.

250ml bottle with built in pourer

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