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Salads with vinegars

At the Scottish bee company we no longer only specialise in honey. Recently we have been expanding our ranges to include other natural food products for you to use to liven up your meals. One of our favourites is our range of vinegars.

These come in three flavours: Strawberry and Peppercorn, Raspberry and Thyme, and Bramble and Sage. For more information, you see these on our website here. Each vinegar can be paired with carious different foods to give it that extra special lift. One of the best ways to highlight these fruity syrups is by using them as a salad dressing. We’ve come up with three different salad recipes that will be well complimented by one of our delicious vinegars. Check them out below:


Spinach, strawberry & feta surprise (using our Strawberry and Peppercorn vinegar)

With strawberry in the vinegar, this recipe works equally as well with or without the inclusion of actual strawberries (the vinegar brings out new colours in the strawberries if included) .



A handful of Strawberries (optional)

Two handfuls of Spinach

Toasted pecans

Feta cheese - as much or as little as you like. (we recommend using a slightly lighter feta).

A handful of Rocket

Half a chopped red onion

Strawberry and Peppercorn vinegar



Toast the pecans on a low heat and roughly chop

Chop the onion then rest in a. Bowl of water to take away some of the sharpness

Crumble the feta cheese and put to the side

Chop the strawberries into small slices

Add the rocket, spinach (again, chop if you like) and strawberries into a bowl. Drizzle some Scottish Bee Company Strawberry and Peppercorn vinegar. Mix. Add in the onion. Mix again. Add the cheese and nuts and finish with a tiny drizzle of vinegar on top.

A colourful sweet and sharp salad to brighten up your dinner table.


Fig-o-licious Raspberry and Blue cheese salad (using our Raspberry and Thyme vinegar)


A handful of Raspberries

One head of lettuce

5 medium sized figs

Blue cheese - as much or as little as you’d like depending how cheesy you want it to be

A handful of peacans

A lemon to squeeze and drizzle

Raspberry and Thyme vinegar



Roughly chop the lettuce, raspberries and figs. Crumble the cheese and put to the side. Toast the pecans on a low heat and roughly chop. Combine all together in a bowl (except for the cheese) and squeeze half a lemon into the bowl. Mix. Add in the crumbled cheese and drizzle some Scottish Bee Company Raspberry and Thyme vinegar on top.

Tada! Simple, healthy and ready in minutes!



Blackberry and Sage salad (using our Bramble and Sage vinegar)

Who knew blackberries made for delicious salads as well as deserts?



Bramble and Sage vinegar

Two handfuls of blackberries (washed!)

Feta cheese (as much or as little as you like)

Olive oil (a drizzle)

Fresh mint leaves

Red onion



Take the onion, cut in half and chop one side. In a bowl, pour some Scottish Bee Company Bamble and Thyme vinegar, and add the onion. Leave to rest for 10mins. Put the blackberries into a bowl and combine some ripped up some mint leaves (small sizes). Drizzle some olive oil. Add in the onion and drizzle the remain gin vinegar over the salad. Crumble the feta cheese ontop.


Three super simple salads for any time of year. Over the next few months we’ll be dropping in some new recipes to get the most out of your vinegars, whether used as a dressing, a topping, or in a mix. What are you waiting for? Try them out today!

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