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Types of Vinegar

Did you know that there are many vinegar types that can be used in a multitude of ways, making it one of the most useful ingredients in your cupboard?

From salad dressings to marinades, and even (in some cases) a cleaning tool! With so many on the market, what is right for what - trust us you do NOT want to get these mixed up. So here is our list of the best vinegars available today…  

How is vinegar made?

First let's talk about how vinegar is actually made. Vinegar is created through the fermentation of alcohol, leaving behind a sour-tasting, acidic residue. It is this alcohol that gives the vinegar it’s individual shade. The colour/shade/consistency can change over time, but this does not mean the vinegar has gone off - in fact the acid in the vinegar means it’s shelf life is incredibly long although it is still best kept out of the sun when storing. 


Fun Fact! 
Vinegar comes from the French word for sour wine - vinaigre.


Is vinegar healthy?

We are often asked, ‘is vinegar good for you?’ You will all have heard of the apple cider vinegar drink and its health benefits - in particular how it can help insulin levels and lower blood sugar. This is because it has large amounts of acetic acid. This type of vinegar can also make you feel fuller than you are, due to its ability to increase your satiety levels in your body. Many people use vinegar to lose weight, shed fat (in particular tummy fat) and lower cholesterol. You’re now wondering, can you drink apple cider and vinegar and if so, the best way to drink apple cider vinegar?! Try it here in our shrub range. We also have lots of inspiration for making healthy meals using our flavoured vinegars.


Different Types of Vinegar

  • Apple cider vinegar - as we have already mentioned there are tons of great things about this vinegar and is used to both flavour and preserve food. The flavour isn’t very strong compared to other vinegars and so works well with many dishes that already have strong tastes.

  • Balsamic vinegar - Italy born and made in a completely different way to other vinegars. Bit like wines from Italy, it is made by fermenting grapes and, just like wine, the older the vinegar the more expensive it is. Best used when mixed with oil to make a vinaigrette (traditional) dressing.
  • White wine vinegar - much less acidic than apple cider vinegar as it comes (like the name suggests) from white wine and is best used liberally on salads and on a barbecue to give a nice kick.
  • Red wine vinegar - much like the other wine vinegar above, it comes from red wine. This is much less acidic and has a warmer more European flavour.
  • Malt vinegar - If you love a good fish and chips then this is the vinegar for you. Made from beer the flavour isn’t overly strong, but has a completely different taste to the others.


However the most exciting of all vinegars we believe is flavoured vinegars - which you can buy or make your own of. Most flavoured vinegars are made using dried or crushed fruits. Here at The Scottish Bee Company we have our very own flavoured vinegars.

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