Vinegar Collection

Can’t decide which of our delicious fruit vinegars to try? We know it’s hard so why not sample them all with this beautifully presented vinegar collection. We promise that you will reach for it time and time again.

The only problem you will have is which one to pick out of this tasty trio:
- Strawberry and Peppercorn vinegar
- Raspberry and Thyme vinegar
- Bramble and Sage vinegar

  • Drizzle them on salads; dash them into soups and marinades and dip your crusty bread into them. You will wonder what you ever did without them!
  • Each of these wonderful vinegars which are vegan and vegetarian friendly, contain the finest ingredients sourced from Scotland.
  • The fruits we use are pollinated by bees at our beekeepers farm. 
  • Designed with nature in mind, each vinegar will be a welcome addition to your kitchen cupboard and will make your dishes comes to life!
  • Gift to friends who know their way around the kitchen, or keep for yourself for a visual and mouth-watering pantry treat.

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