Scottish Heather Honey first ever food to be Kitemarked

12 June, 2020

            honey in heather

We are unbelievably excited to announce that our Scottish heather honey has become the first ever food product in the UK to be awarded the new British Standards Institution (BSI) Kitemark™ for Food Assurance. 

Provenance, purity, social responsibility and environmental sustainability is so important to us and we wanted to assure our customers around the world that when you buy a jar of our ‘Scottish heather honey’, that’s exactly what you’re getting.

Honey is on Interpol’s list as one of the most adulterated and fraudulent food products.

The new BSI Kitemark has been created to help food sector organisations us to verify food label claims, deliver consumer trust and support transparency in the food chain. 

 The Kitemark also enables brands, manufacturers, producers and suppliers to fulfil and communicate their commitment and customer promise whether it relates to authenticity, provenance, purity, socially responsible or environmentally sustainable agri-food production and supply.


BSI Kitemark 

Even after more than 100-years, the BSI Kitemark continues to be the beacon of quality, performance and safety to both consumers and business buying everything from Personal Protection Equipment to secure digital services. 

 The Kitemark is also a recognised symbol worldwide. We hope this will help give people the extra assurance that when they buy a jar of ‘Scottish heather honey’, that is exactly what they are getting.

 To achieve its BSI Kitemark for Food Assurance, we had to have each step of our supply chain audited and our honey samples tested for pesticides and genetically modified organisms in an independent laboratory environment. This is where we found, by change, that our honey contains 10 x more Manganese than any honey in the world. You can read about that here:

We also had to send BSI information about where our hives are located and are open to being audited at any time to ensure they are in Scotland. They will continue to use regular photo verification with location services on throughout the year.

 Howard Kerr, Chief Executive at BSI, said: “Today, people want to understand the important details about the food they eat.

 “By extending the power of the Kitemark into areas like food authenticity and provenance, including the Scottish Bee Company, BSI can serve that need. After all, customers deserve food that’s safe, sustainable and socially responsible.”

Comments (Responses)

22 June, 2020


What incredible news, love knowing that the honey I buy is of the highest standard – great work SBC!!

22 June, 2020

Christina Dahlen

Amazing news!! Congratulations :)

22 June, 2020

Ben Scott

Congratulations! This is fantastic news and shows how much you care about your customers!

22 June, 2020


Excellent news! Very impressive xx

15 June, 2020


This is great news! Congratulations Scottish Bee company! Big hugs to all the bees!

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