Father's Day Gifts 2020

07 June, 2020

            Fathers Day 2020

Looking for the perfect Father's Day Gifts 2020, we've searched about and tried to support other businesses that we like that are based in Scotland.

Here are our father's day recommendations:

1. The Tartan Blanket Company have a fantastic gift box. In the box you can pick and mix what you want to add, including some biscuits, some mugs, some socks and some whisky! You can even leave a note and have it embroidered. 
2. Century General Store have the best eco gifts. They sell timeless everyday products made with the earth in mind. Ethical, sustainable, vegan-friendly products, you can make up a gift box, or choose from some of theirs. 
3. Great Glen Charcuterie are run by husband and wife team, Jan and Anja. Originally from the Netherlands they now live in the Highlands and make the most beautiful gift boxes of venison charcuterie. The delivery boxes are meticulously packed and sustainability are at the heart of what they do. 
4. Paulin Watches were founded by three sisters based in Glasgow. They are slightly more expensive but their watches are the definition of style and sophistication. They are still operating and are offering 30% off orders at this time. 
5. Gillian Kyle has some cool gift ideas representing the Scottish scene, tea towels with Burns on them, contemporary gift ideas. Scottish Gifts with a cheeky twist!
6. And finally, one of our honey duos serves as the perfect gift for your dad, you can choose which honeys you would like and it comes with a sachet of wildflower seeds for him to scatter and watch bees and butterflies flock to his garden!
Any other suggestions? Please leave in the comments section below!

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10 June, 2020

Kelly edge

Perfect timing for these recommendations – I never know what to buy my husband! I’m off to pick one of these and research some Father’s Day recipes with your lovely honey.

08 June, 2020


Massive fan of Great Glen Charcuterie- excellent shout!

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