Mother's Day gifts

Mother's Day gifts

It’s that time of year again. The Sunday to make the matriarch of the family feel extra special. That’s right, it’s mothering Sunday. We’ve come up with some cheap and cheerful ways to show your mums exactly how much you love her.


Breakfast in bed

You know what we’re gonna say. “Honey on toast! Honey drizzled over some baked figs! Honey over granola!” And you’re right - we did! Honey can be enjoyed at any time of day, but it really comes into it’s own at breakfast time.

Take the time to make!

Nothing says I care like a gift that you’ve taken time to make. Cards are the easiest for those creatively challenged, but if you’re brave (and we think you are) why not make not make an edible gift. We have loads of recipe suggestions on our website. Personally, this writer would recommend the honey biscuit people, or Henrietta’s honey tart, made by the delightful Henrietta Ainman. And if you really can’t be bothered, just buy a card on our website - they’re pretty good if we do say so ourselves.

Go for a walk

We know, we know, you’ve done lots of these this last year! Perhaps the suggestion of going for a walk sounds like the last thing you want to do post 2020. However, going for a walk means spending quality time with the person, talking and listening as you take in some fresh air. Perhaps take a different route, or explore a path you’ve never done before. Or why not take your mum on a walk down memory lane, past your childhood park or school. Relive those memories whilst making some new ones.


Draw her a bath

Doesn’t everyone love a long hot soak in the tub? No one deserves it more than our mothers! Draw her a lovely warm bubble bath, pour a glass of her favourite tipple and be sure to light one of our beautiful natural candles (available both scented and unscented).


The sweetest gift of all

Whats the one defining quality of honey - its sweetness. If we’ve learnt anything over the lat 12 months its that kindness goes a long way. Taking the time to tell the mother figure in your life that you love her will be the sweetest of all gifts.


For all gifts, check out our website.

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