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Candles without jars

Candles come in all shapes and sizes and come in a variety of presentational settings. One of the most important things for many people when buying candles is how they look. While some prefer to have candles that come in nice reusable  glass jars, others prefer candles without jars. Here at the Scottish Bee Company we sell both.


Our candles without jars are made from pure beeswax, which is the by product when making honey. Beeswax is a 100% pure natural ingredient that automatically cleans the air as it burns.

Currently we sell these candles in one size -340g, but over the next couple of years we are expanding into different shapes and sizes - including gift sizes which will be perfect for weddings.

Our candles without jars are unscented and come in two colours - yellow and white. We create these ‘pillar’ candles using the jars we use for our honey, creating a congruency across all of our products. All of these candles without jars are non-toxic and hand poured, ensuring that each candle is neatly and delicately created. 

You can buy these candles both with packaging or without. Our packaging consists of a cardboard outer tube emblazoned with ‘The Scottish Bee Company logo’ which twists off to reveal the candle, neatly packaged in our own tissue paper. One of the reasons this option is so popular is because we add in a small packet of wildflower seeds for you to scatter. The Scottish Bee Company is proud to be a company with the bees and the environment at its heart, and both the packaging and the seeds are an example of this. Not only is the packaging fully recyclable, but seeds are to encourage you to help repollinate your own patch of land and bring the bees and other pollinators back! Whether it’s your window box, your garden, or a field near where you live you’ll be doing your bit to help.


Our candles in jars and candles without jars are available both on our website and in a range of shops and stores across the UK. Do you own a shop or cafe and would like to use or stock our honey, candles, shrubs or vinegars, then get in touch, Email us at buzz@scottishbeecompany.co.uk.


In the meantime, get lighting those candles!

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