honey biscuit people

Honey biscuit people

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As kids have been spending more time at home over the summer, we know what it’s like to need to find new inventive ways of filling their time, even as school creeps back in. Why not have a go at baking honey biscuit people and decorating with them? Here is our easy peasy, lemon squeezy honey biscuit people recipe!


120g  butter

100g caster sugar

One tbsp vanilla essence

Two tbsp Scottish Heather honey

One egg (yolk only)

One tsp ground ginger

180g plain flour

Half a tsp baking powder

A splash of milk

A selection of biscuit cutters



Preheat your oven  to 180 degrees / gas mark 4

Put the butter and sugar into a bowl and beat until the consistency is smooth. Pop in the honey and the egg yolks and fold this into the mixture.

Next up you need the flour, baking powder and ginger and mix in well. The dough should start to become thicker. If the mixture is too thin or thick, add in milk or flour accordingly.

Take the dough out of the bowl work into a ball using your (or your child’s) hands. Then, using a rolling pin, flatten the dough. It should be about one-two cm thick. Using your biscuit cutters (we recommend people/ animal shaped ones) cut the dough into separate biscuits.

Pop a sheet of baking paper on a tray and spread out all the biscuits.

Take a toothpick or pointy implement and get creative on your biscuits - making shapes, faces or adding writing.

Take a basting brush and cover in a layer of milk for the oven.

Pop in the over for 10-15 minutes, but check from 10mins until golden brown.

Pop somewhere to cool and then you’re ready, tuck in!

With this recipe, you can make enough cookies for 18 kids… or one child and one adult! Remember, you are merely the su-chef in the kitchen-bakery.  Let your child do the preparation and you can help at the difficult points, in particular, putting the biscuits in and taking them out of the oven!

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1 comment

Angela Sinclair
Angela Sinclair

Thanks for the great recipe! I run a mums and tots called ‘Wee "Bee’s’, here in Oldham. As a proud Scots lass, Wee B’s actually means wee bairns! Anyway this week we are having a bee theme, making bee mobiles and bee shaped honey biscuits, your honey biscuit recipe! Thanks, it’s braw’, and the bairns have had a great day. We have shared the recipe with the parents and we will put a link on our Facebook page to your website. Thanks again for your honey biscuit recipe 😋.🐝🐝🐝by the way, try using soft brown sugar instead of caster sugar! Thanks again for all.

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