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How candles are made

Online you can find loads of ‘candle making sets’, which on first glance make it look really easy to create delicious smelling candles with very little work. Most are incredible basic  - a simple matter of melting pellets and adding fragrance. However when making candles, it is WHAT your candle is made of that is of the utmost importance…


There is a reason we only sell beeswax candles - and it’s not just because the bees making our honey create the beeswax. Beeswax is 100% pure and has no toxins whatsoever. Even better, when you melt beeswax it actually releases positive ions into the air (you heard right - releasing positivity into the air!!) which attracts all the negative ions and neutralises them, essentially removing all the dirt from the air. 


Many kits you can find online use pellets which need to be melted down and scents which you add from a concentrate. Be aware of both of these. Most often these pellets are made from paraffin wax. When burned, paraffin wax releases toxins into the air, and dangerous chemicals which can be harmful to breathe in. These chemicals also affect the scents you put in, interfering with them during burning. This  defeats the object of adding the scents - which is to release them into the air. Read more about this here.


First of all we encourage you to make beeswax candles above any others, and if you are looking to make them yourself we have another blog dedicated to exactly this. Check it out here, for a step by step guide, with videos and pictures. 

The main steps are as follows:

Firstly on a clean flat surface, measure out the amount of wax you need, then melt the wax using a fireproof container in a pan of hot water on the boil. Wait until the wax has fully melted before adding in any fragrance oils bit by bit, and mixing.

In the jar or candle container, place the wick standing upright in the centre and pout the melted wax into the container, ensuring the wick is secure. If needs be do this in sections. Allow the first bit of wax to melt and the wick to be secure before pouring in more. Once it has hardened, snip the top if the six so it is only 1cm above the wax.


But what's the point in making them when really, the fun is in burning them and relaxing in a bath with some smooth jazz and a glass of merlot. 

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