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Candles vs diffusers

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Candles have been around for centuries, however over the past couples of decades, diffusers have become another go. So let's find out what the differences are...


What is a diffuser?

Diffusers are essentially reed sticks  made out of a porous type of wood that sits in fragrance oil. Throughout the day it gently ‘diffuses' into the air around it. It gives off a constant subtle stream of scent until all of the oil has dissipated.



Both candles and diffusers do not use electricity, making them better for the environment than turning a light on. Saying that you can now get electronic diffusers that let smell out into the room every few hours by releasing. Puff of smoke or air particles into the air. Traditional reed diffusers do not use electricity. 



With diffusers as there are three parts to them (the fragrance oil, the pot/holder and the sticks), you often have to replace the fragrance oil, and after a while the reed sticks. Candles last as long as it takes to burn - for example, the candles at The Scottish Bee Company take 40 hours or so to burn. 

Candles obviously require burning, which means you do need to keep an eye out for flames and will effect where you put the candle, but this also brings with it ambience. Many people don’t care about the smells candles give off and are much more interested in using it for mood lighting.

Scented candles give off a shorter (as long as it is burning), stronger scent in the air, while diffusers’s smell is much more subtle but lasts a lot longer.

Some candles are good for the environment around you. Did you know beeswax candles for example actually clean and neutralise the air around you? Check out our blog on this for more information on this. Scented candles are connected to the ancient form of healing aromatherapy - healing through smell. Depending what smells you use scents such as lavender can help ease anxiety and create a calm and neutral environment.

Ultimately it depends what you want to use them for. We would argue they are used for very different things and a home isn’t complete without both - the background scent of a diffuser and the stronger smells and ambience of the candles.

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1 comment

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