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Honey face masks and beauty treatments

Honey masks and beauty treatments are not new - they have been around for centuries and have been used in a variety of different ways around the world.


In Ancient Egypt, Cleopatra was known for being an incredibly beautiful woman. Part of this was down to her regular baths made up of milk and honey, giving her young and radiant looking skin. Helen of Troy had a similar reputation - known as THE most beautiful woman to ever exist. She used both olive oil and honey instead of makeup to look young and fresh. In China, women in Qin Liangyu’s court would wear a blend made up of crushed orange seeds and honey to keep soft and zesty skin! And in the UK, Queen Elizabeth (another icon of beauty) worked hard to keep her skin white - wearing lots of heavy make up, which caused ongoing skin issues. She used lemon juice, rosewater and honey to clean and protect her skin before piling the make up back on.

It is therefore not surprising that as there has been a push to use natural beauty remedies, honey has cone back into the forefront. Already coconut oil has become a must have both in the cupboard for cooking, but also in the bathroom for removing makeup. Honey (as you know) is 100 % natural, and when applied can both brighten and soften your skin. Honey (and in particular heather honey) is known for its healing properties (see our blog here on the superfood properties of our heather honey) , which work when both ingested and slathered on your skin! Click here to find out which honey is best for skin.


What are the benefits of a honey face mask? 

  • Scars fading

Honey can help any scars on your skin fade by encouraging new skin to grow. One of the best qualities of honey is how is kills bacteria, and can do so to that living on your skin. Honey is famously used to heal wounds, and so the healing properties can help any untimely scars.
  • Hydration boost

Honey is known as a ‘natural humectant’ - this means it pulls in moisture to the skin.
  • Exfoliation

    Honey also makes a really fantastic exfoliator and cleanser. skin. Due to it’s grainy quality, honey can scrub away any old skin and reveal fresh skin beneath.
  • Pore cleansing

    Honey as we know is antibacterial which means it is a great cleanser for your skin.
  • Treating acne and breakouts

    Due to its anti-fungal properties, honey can be put on spots to help them heal quicker.

We have created a number of face mask recipes using our honey, from a honey face mask for a glow to a honey face masks for acne. Check them out HERE! 

Who knew so much could come from our little jars? Buy yours today!

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