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Here at the Scottish Bee Company, a beeswax scented candle and a natural wax candle have always been a staple in our range. From our original lavender and tea tree oil candles to our current lavender scented candle with hints of sandalwood and patchouli, it is a scent that is a favourite amongst many of our customers. 


Firstly, let's delve into some lavender facts...

Over the years, lavender in candles has been a source of contention when it comes to the inclusion of dried lavender in the candle itself. This has been known to become a safety hazard and in the past caused the flame to increase and fires to break out. But the scent of lavender has never been up for debate…

The plant Lavandula comes from the lands surrounding the Mediterranean Sea and includes over 30 species, 20 subspecies, and countless hybrids. They range in height from under 9 inches to over 3 feet and are divided into four categories: Angustifolia (English Lavender), Stoechas (big green plant, sometimes called French lavender), Latifolia (Mediterranean and grassy) and Intermedia (creossbreed).

What are the benefits of lavender?

  • Lavender is used often in aromatherapy, but unlike most other essential oils, lavender can be put undiluted directly onto the skin, which are rapidly absorbed. For hundreds of years, lavender has been a source of drugs alongside soap, flavouring and perfume.
  • Lavender has a relaxing and soothing smell, which helps alleviate stress and help with anxiety. Often this is used in the treatment of headaches and insomnia - the smell works in a way that helps activate the brain to slow down your heart rate and let your muscles relax.
  • This ‘aromatherapy’ style has some other positive unconnected effects. Lavender is incredibly useful with mosquitoes, moths and spiders - it repels them! Lavender plants have something called linalool - a type of terpene alcohol which mosquitoes seem to hate. Vanilla candles have a similar property - check out our blog here.

What are the benefits of a lavender scented candle?

Lavender works well when combined with other scents that compliment it. As a dominant smell in a mixture, lavender must be combined with other scents that won’t overpower the lavender, such as patchouli oil, eucalyptus or tea tree. The scent of Lavender lasts long after the candle has been burnt and so is the perfect candle for long summer nights. Check out our range here!


For more information about lavender - click here.

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Mary Broadribb
Mary Broadribb

Would like to buy daughter candles for Xmas. What do you recommend She suffers with asthma and allergies. But loves candles Mary

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