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Lind & Lime Gin: Crafting History and Botanical Balance

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In this week’s podcast, Suzie chats to Fraser of Lind & Lime Gin. We learn about the fascinating history of making gin as well as the process of bringing it to life: everything from botanicals to bottles and the incredible stories that inspire Lind & Lime Gin.

Lind & Lime are part of the umbrella group, Muckle Brig, a company founded by Ian Stirling and Paddy Fletcher, two childhood friends who bonded over a school production of their company’s namesake. Initially set up to make whisky, the company found a gin chapter was to be the opening of their story, with the Leith Export Company and Port of Leith Distillery to follow.

Lind & Lime's Founders

Leith and its stories are at the heart of Lind & Lime. The name itself comes from the citrus fruit that was originally used to cure scurvy in sailors who would have come through the Port of Leith and the Edinburgh scientist, James Lind, who pioneered this breakthrough. For more on the stories and products, visit their website or take the tram to The Shore, Port of Leith or Ocean Terminal and visit the gin distillery.

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Ian and Paddy have been as passionate about their commitment to honouring the past and present of this Edinburgh port as they have been about sustainability. Proudly a plastic-free business running on green electricity, they use only organic produce and strive to source raw ingredients as close to home as possible without compromising the quality and aesthetics of the final product.

Lind & Lime Bottle Close Up

The story of the unique Lind & Lime bottle exemplifies this. With a background in the wine industry, Ian initially wanted to use wine bottles for the gin, in keeping with the nautical history of the surrounding seas. When the size of these proved incompatible with gin production, a glassmaker was found in Italy. As a result, a Lind & Lime bottle is as wonderful to look at as the perfume bottles the glassmaker also creates.

Lind & Lime Gin Bottle

Our guest, Fraser, provides an interesting history of gin production before describing the botanicals that are unique to Lind & Lime. Here, balance is crucial to make the classic London dry gin that is their hallmark. To create that balance, Lind & Lime use only 7 botanicals – juniper berries being the most prominent as gin-enthusiasts might expect. Joining the berries are lime peels that are prepared in a vapour chamber to add a subtle note that Suzie discovers in her tasting. A surprising addition, pink peppercorns are also included and Fraser enlightens us as to their origin as a South American berry! Angelica root, a cousin of celery, is also added for bitterness which balances the sweetness of the berries. The fifth botanical is coriander, which we learn is crucial for a London gin, then liquorice root is added to put some sweetness back into the gin. Finally, the somewhat magical botanical, orris root (the root of the iris flower) is used to bind all the other botanicals together and create the chemical reaction that gives gin its clear colour.

Lime & Lime Gin Botanicals

Suzie is then treated to a truly unique gin tasting experience in the distillery. Her first impression is of the lovely fieriness that the peppercorns bring to the gin with the aniseed and lime flavours coming through later. This gin is made for sipping, Fraser explains, and Suzie enjoys the strong flavour profile and warmth of the London dry. Fraser then encourages her to try the botanicals alongside the gin – a transformative experience! 

Lind & Lime Bar Tasting

Each botanical tasting produces a radically different gin experience, much to Suzie’s surprise: ‘a great way to experience the product differently’ she tells us. Fraser recommends pairing with Fever Tree’s Indian Refreshingly Light tonic water, as the reduced sugar content avoids overcrowding the flavours in this delicately balanced gin. If this tickles your taste buds, buy Lind & Lime on their website or from a range of retail sites in the UK and across the world.

Lind & Lime Gin Stills

We then follow Suzie as she explores the distillery, where we learn more about the mechanics of making gin. But don’t let us spoil it for you! You can find the Lind & Lime Gin Distillery a short walk from Leith Shore. 

In conclusion, Lind & Lime Gin embodies a blend of heritage, sustainability, and artisanal craftsmanship. From Ian and Paddy's dedication to Leith's legacy and eco-friendly practices, to Fraser's insights into its unique botanicals, each sip offers a transformative experience. Whether enjoyed neat or with tonic, Lind & Lime Gin invites a sensory journey, celebrating tradition and innovation. Cheers to the spirit of Leith in every bottle! Why not try Lind & Lime's Gimlet cocktail recipe here?

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