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Foraging Goat: Celebrating Local Flavours and Community

Welcome to the Love Your Local Larder Podcast! A podcast that celebrates local produce with the people who cook and grow it.

Blog written by Rachel Henderson.

In this episode of Love Your Local Larder, we had the pleasure of meeting the dedicated minds behind Foraging Goat, an Artisan Larder deeply committed to reintroducing fresh, locally-sourced goods to their community. Cat and Tony champion local producers and craft an array of natural, homemade produce in small batches harmonising with the changing seasons. This episode was a delightful exploration into the inception of Foraging Goat, uncovering their commitment to a zero-waste ethos in business and revealing their innovative selection of locally crafted goodies, complete with a mouth-watering taste test.

Cat and Tony recognised the inherent larder-like richness of East Lothian, brimming with diverse ingredients and innovative producers. Fuelled by Tony's culinary expertise from his background as a chef, the concept of Foraging Goat materialised. Nestled in Haddington, a town steeped in historical market traditions, they embarked on a mission to revive this heritage within the community by bringing the best producers together in one convenient place for locals. The name 'Foraging Goat' beautifully encapsulates their purpose - 'foraging' representing their quest for high-quality local producers, intertwined with the town's symbol, the goat.

Foraging Goat Storefront

Their commitment to ethical practices, local collaboration, and distinctive offerings has remained unwavering as their business has organically evolved. Their journey commenced by collaborating with Kilduff Farm (previous guests of the podcast - find their episode here) and utilising their pumpkins. Their celebrated Pumpkin Butter continues to be a seasonal highlight within their diverse range of products.

Foraging Goat's Pumpkin Butter

Suzie reflected on her visit: “Living in Haddington, I am thrilled that Foraging Goat has opened. With its willingness to collaborate and support local producers as well as producing its own unique products, it truly is a gift to the area. Cat and Tony are lovely people with an evident desire to encourage others to shop local and bring amazing products to the local community. Well worth a visit if you're in East Lothian.”

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The absolute fundamentals of their idea were cultivating food and a shop where everyone felt welcome. Their approach involved creating food products entirely from scratch and prioritising an intimate understanding of the ingredients used. Tony aptly emphasises, "these are honest products because we are honest people". Their range of products prides itself on being entirely natural, free from preservatives, and crafted in very small batches, embodying a commitment to zero waste. If produce isn't swiftly leaving the shelves, they ingeniously repurpose it - transforming surplus items into delightful additions to their chutneys and jams, or incorporating them into their deli offerings of sandwiches, pastas, and salads. They utilise every bit of the ingredients, from onion skins and lemon rinds to leftover mushrooms, repurposing them for future use for things like soup stocks and pie fillings. Their unwavering dedication to zero waste effortlessly intertwines with their admirable ethos, reflecting their commitment to sustainable practices.

Tony Foraging Goat

As a small business, they express their creativity through innovative culinary creations. Their repertoire thrives on sourcing seasonal, locally-sourced ingredients, giving rise to unique creations such as Banana Ketchup and Cranberry & Pear Butter. Tony, for instance, cherishes the piccalillis, a British twist on lime chutney, featuring variations like Scotch Bonnet Piccalilli or Beetroot & Red Cabbage Piccalilli. These additions aren't just condiments - they elevate cheeseboards or add a fiery zest to sandwiches. On the other hand, Cat gravitates toward the Pumpkin Butter, advocating its versatility as a pizza base alternative or a delightful addition to cheesecake for those seeking a sweet indulgence.

Foraging Goat Shop

Suzie embarked on a diverse taste test of their larder offerings. The tasting adventure encompassed a spectrum of flavours, from the nuanced sweetness and peppery hints of the mature Pumpkin Spice Latte to the rich and diverse flavours found in the Beetroot & Red Cabbage Piccalilli. This tasting experience is sure to entice you to drop by their store to savour the array of flavours for yourself!

Here's a delightful Christmas idea from Foraging Goat: lightly bake a Morangie Brie and then add a generous layer of Cranberry & Pear Butter on top. Bake again, and once ready, indulge in this warm, gooey delight with a freshly baked baguette. It's a unique and tempting way to elevate your holiday snacking! The team at Foraging Goat was also kind enough to send us one of their favourite Christmas recipe for you to try: Figgy Mincemeat Pies!

Foraging Goat Shop

Meeting the couple behind Foraging Goat has been a pleasure, and their store is not just a place to shop but an experience worth savouring. If you find yourself in East Lothian, you're sure to discover a treasure trove of locally crafted goodies that reflect a genuine love for the larder and the community it serves. So, here's to Foraging Goat - a culinary haven where passion, sustainability, and local flavours come together in a delightful celebration of all things homegrown. Head over to their website to find out more about this unique shop. 

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