Scottish Blossom Honey 227g

The Scottish Bee Company’s smooth, sweet Blossom Honey is produced by bees that forage on nectar gathered from wild flowers in Scotland. Our pure blossom honey is incredibly versatile, enjoy it spooned over porridge, spread over toast or added to your morning smoothie.

Gathered from our bee friendly hives around Scotland, by our own local bee farmers, The Scottish Bee Company produces pure, natural, blossom honey that is good for our bees and good for the environment.

Scotland’s rolling hills and glens offer a unique natural environment for a wide variety of flowers and blossom plants. Scottish Blossom honey is from the first part of the season and is made from the nectar of a mix of flowers including clover, lime, and oil seed rape. No two batches of blossom honey are the same and you can find which plants our bees foraged on this season in our pollen analysis.