Kilduff Blossom Honey 227g

Try our new set blossom honey collaboration with Kilduff Farm. This exclusive honey is limited so grab it while you can!

  • This set blossom honey is produced by our bees foraging on nectar from Kilduff Farm's unique biodiversity and in turn, helping to pollinate their pumpkins and apple trees.
  • Made from a mix of nectar from rapeseed, hawthorn, clover and legume plants.  Enjoy this luxurious honey straight from the jar, stir into porridge, add to smoothies or spread over toast. 
  • This pure blossom honey was gathered from our hives located in Kilduff Farm, East Lothian, with a collaborative help from our bee keepers and the farmers at Kilduff. 


As always, we donate 10p from every jar sold to our sister charity, Repollinate.