Strawberry and Lavender Soup

Strawberry and Lavender Soup by Camille Aubert


We are incredibly lucky to have Camille Aubert to create this gorgeous and delicate soup. What we love is that she has used only a small number of ingredients to come up with something so beautiful. It even sounds beautiful! Strawberries and Lavender are both pollinated by bees so it makes is even more special to combine these with honey. 


Strawberry and Lavender Soup

By  Camille Aubert, Chef & Nutritional therapist @callherchef (serves 2)


One large punnet of strawberries 
100 cl of rose wine (of your choice)
One tbsp of edible lavender


Pour the wine and honey into a medium sized pan. Slowly allow the soup to boil before lowering the heat and letting it simmer.

Pop in the lavender and after 30 seconds, bring off the heat. Place a tea towel on top and allow the soup to sit and infuse for 10-15minutes.

Takes the strawberries and slice them before popping them into a soupbowl. Drizzle the lavender syrup over the top then place in the fridge for two to three hours.

This recipe is created by French Chef, certified Nutritional Therapist & Founder of Call her Chef, Camille Aubert. She is passionate about products of quality and specialises in her native Provencal cuisine. We love what she's done with this recipe and can't wait to see what else she comes up with!

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Honey is a delicious ingredient in soup, often used in mediterranean recipes to compliment floral or fruity tones. It can often be tricky to balance the flavours so as not to overwhelm one particular aroma. This is why working with ingredients such as lavender can take a little time to balance the right quantities. As our palates differ from one another it really is a case of trial and error - find out what you like and make a note of it in your recipe book for next time. We have plenty of other soups coming up over the next few weeks and months, so be sure to check them out! Here is a quick link to our shop.

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Jenny Scott
Jenny Scott

This looks amazing! I bet using the rest of the Rose on a summers day would be a wonderful combination!

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