TOYH12 Nick Marsden OOSC

TOYH12 Nick Marsden OOSC

A bit about Nick & OOSC

This week on Think Outside Your Hive, Suzie's chatting with co founder and director of the UK’s brightest, retro ski wear company, OOSC

Like Suzie, Nick studied law but never went on to practise. Instead, he worked his way up the corporate ladder in the banking industry but later realised he didn’t like the idea of ‘working for the man’. 

He was drawn into a passion project with his friend from university. What started as a joke, creating retro, sustainable ski wear and accessories, has grown into a multinational business, successfully selling in 80 different countries around the world. Having expanded their reach and range from ski wear to gym and swim wear, OOSC still pride themselves in their flagship ski attire with one ski suit in particular, 'The Rainbow Road', being worn by Margot Robbie on a ski trip in France! A *pinch me* moment for the co founders back in the day. 

The company began in 2015, where he built the platform while still working within the corporate world. He left his job shortly with the world’s largest bank in 2019 and directed all his attention into building OOSC. 

All of OOSC products are made from sustainable and recyclable materials, working with an industry leading team in Taiwan for the materials. You can find Nick’s range across multiple outlets or online here.

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