John Mellis (beekeeper) holding frame of honeycomb sat in the Scottish hills next to heather

TOYH11 John Mellis Professional Beekeeper

A bit about John Mellis...

This week on Think outside your hive, we’re staying a little close to home as we talk to John Mellis, one of the most prolific names in beekeeping in the UK. John has been a professional beekeeper for over 30 years and his passion for his job is as fresh as the day he began. John talks about the idea that ‘bee keeping is a science, an art and most importantly a vocation’. He found what he loves and he’s pursued it.

Since we began our company John has been a guiding light for us - giving us advice and introducing us to the best within the industry to give our company the best possible start. This idea of ‘passing it on’ is evident in all of John’s work. He mentors younger beekeepers and is an advocate of training the next generation of bee keepers in what is and always has been a historically older profession. He has the most incredible knowledge and insight into making honey, bees and the bee keeping community. For those interested in the world of owning hives and agriculture and honey fraud, John talks with such passion, clarity and insight, you could listen to him for hours.

So enjoy meeting our friend and colleague John - and who knows, he might just convince you to take up beekeeping too…

If you fancy learning more about beekeeping, you can check out our blog written by our very own beekeeper here

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