dripping honey

Why we love honey

Pure honey, raw honey, runny honey, crystallised, heather, blossom, honeycomb, in a jar or straight from the hive - in every shape, size and consistency, we love our honey. Which is great - you’d expect that from a honey producer. But why do other people love honey so much? Well we have a whole bunch of reasons…



It gives you energy

Approximately 15grams of carbohydrates and 60 calories per teaspoon, honey is a fantastic source of energy, and used on combination with other food groups - protein, fruit, veg etc - it can be a great boost to your daily energy levels.

So many flavours

Honey comes in so many different flavours depending on two things - the flowers and plants that the bees forage on, and anything that has been added after it leaves the hive to give it extra flavour. Depending on where you go in the world you will come across thousands of variations in taste and consistency. For example at The Scottish Bee Company our honey has a wild, creamy flavour that (we think) reflects our Scottish landscape. 

Keeps in the taste

Honey acts as a humectant when used in baking, and cooking. This essentially means it locks in flavours. By coating meats (such as chicken, beef, or even fish) in honey, the natural juices are locked in making them incredible soft and tender. The honey also acts as a natural intensifier, bringing out the fragrances within the meats. Check out these recipes so we can show you what we mean...

It lasts for ages!

Honey can last up to five years (we always say three is best for optimum taste), which means you don’t need to check the expiry every few weeks like you do with other condiments. Not only does it have a long life not he shelf, but honey also extends the shelf life of the baked goods you use it in!

It’s good for you

Now this doesn’t extend to all honeys, but it most certainly does for ours; honey contains antibacterial and antioxidant qualities which actually make it good for you and can help you with minor ailments, such as…

Looking after your throat 

If you ever find yourself with a sore throat, taking a teaspoon of honey can help soothe any raw tissue that may be causing you discomfort.  With the antimicrobial and antioxidant properties it is a natural antiseptic which will calm and soothe the pain.

Love the bees

Buying honey helps support the food ecosystem by ensuring bees are actively repollinating and looked after by bee farmers. For us the bees are at the heart of why we love honey. Bees contribute to at least 350 plant species, and without bees, they wouldn’t exist.

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