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Where to buy shrub drinks

If you search for shrub drinks online you will find that in recent months, these have become more and more popular. Many people prefer to make their own, but getting the consistencies and timings for preparation can be a long and laborious job. We insist it’s easier to buy them. But where can you buy these…


Where do you think?! Right here at The Scottish Bee Company! We no longer only sell delicious honeys and divine beeswax candles, we now stock a range of other natural products - one of which being the shrub drink. Although shrubs have been around for centuries (see our blog on what is a shrub), they’ve started becoming more and more popular, although in relation to spirits or fruit cordials, there aren’t that many people selling shrubs. 

The first recorded use of shrubs was over 5 millennia ago in Babylon, and since then it has become a favourite in the mixology world all around the world. Depending on where the shrubs are being made and the fruits available in that country/region, the taste will be different. For example in Scotland (where we make our shrubs), we are used to a rustic, wet climate which gives us a wide variety of wild earthy flavours that tastes… well, distinctly Scottish! 

We’re really excited to be some of the people bringing back this wonderful drinking craze and reminding people that we can find exciting and inventive drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) by staying close to nature. At The Scottish Bee company we believe that nature knows best. As with our honeys, we don’t add any additives or sugars to our shrubs. You know that what you get is 100% natural and authentic. 

Before we go on, we know some of you are probably thinking - I don’t know what a shrub is. Well for those of you that don’t know, a shrub is not a small bush that you find in suburbia - well it is, but that’s not the type of shrub we are referring to. Our shrubs are essentially fruity cordials which are made out of fruit and vinegar. The fruits are essentially preserved in the vinegar, and the result is a tart syrupy cordial. For some fun ideas for how to use your shrubs, check out this blog on making cocktails! Our favourite shrub is the raspberry and ginger!

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