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Valentines day gifts

Valentines day

For many a it's a day filled with dread and for others it's a opportunity to show the people you love how you feel. Valentines day divides people like no other holiday. If you’re one of the latter, we’ve built up a list of several small Scottish businesses for you to follow and show some love. They have the perfect gift for your friends and family no matter who they are.

For those who don’t want a cheesy mushy gift, Gie it Laldy is the one for you (and one of our favourite Scottish online shops). Cards, mugs, jumpers, soaps all emblazoned with some fantastic Scottish slang. Check out ‘A pure luv ye’ and ‘Yer a ten hen’ among others.

Now we’ve all been missing attending events and actually doing things other than watching Netlix this last year. Why not treat you loved one to a voucher for a Scottish experience with Experience Gift Scotland? From adventure to beauty to dining - the list of experiences are endless;  mountain biking, husky sled riding, photography, golf or even aeroplane flying lessons. The list is endless and they are all experiences that happen right in the heart of Scotland.

Slange Var - one of our favourite Scottish producers, who make a delicious non- alcoholic drink using our very honey are one to watch out for. With every bottle you are raising money to help tackle climate change, so not only are you doing good, but it tastes blooming marvellous as well. Slange Var is the winner of not just one, but two awards from last years SIP awards (world spirits competition). Check them out here.

For something nice and smelly we can’t recommend highly enough Arran Aromatics where you can choose from a range of perfume for men and women. Choose from rollers, sprays, scented soaps, lotions and even have gift sets that can ‘uplift’, ‘calm’, ‘give you energy’ or ‘help you sleep’. 


Finally we can’t have a list of our favourite Valentine’s gifts without including some of our own. From our scented and unscented candles to our honey and honeycomb, there really is something for everyone - including sponsoring our queen bees, our brood boxes or even an entire hive. 

Whatever you do and however you spend your Valentines, keep it sweet!

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