Three jars of heather honey in a heather moor

The Scottish Bee Company, a company with honey bees at heart

The Scottish Bee Company is a new Scottish honey brand with a passion for our little friends, the faithful honey bee. On a mission to encourage the numbers of Scottish bees to thrive, thus increasing pollination, we are producing a new range of pure honeys and bee products that will have everyone buzzing.

We have bee hives located all over Scotland, from Dumfriesshire, the Lothians and Stirlingshire, to Fife and Aberdeenshire. Our launch products include a range of Scottish blossom and heather honeys, along with scented candles and we have exciting plans afoot to produce blends of our regional honeys in the future along with other luxury bee related products.

We were saddened by the continually documented, decline in the bee population so we decided that we should do something to help. Along with dwindling bee numbers, it is also astonishing how much honey consumed in the UK is imported from around the world. We felt strongly that we needed more, home-grown, bee-friendly honey!

Not only are we passionate about bees, we are also dedicated to supporting the industry as a whole. We have hired a team of expert, local bee farmers and as our company expands, we hope to facilitate the growth of the bee keeping industry too.

So all in all, we adopted some bees, hired the best team of expert bee farmers and brought them together in the exceptional Scottish environment to produce uniquely flavourful honeys and honey products that evoke a sense of this land's unspoiled wilderness.

The Scottish Bee Company is so proud of what our worker bees have produced that we wanted people to be able to give the gift of a beautiful jar of the finest Scottish honey, whilst feeling warm and fuzzy, knowing that their purchase would help our bee population thrive.

The Scottish Bee Company has landed and is here to stay.

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