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How to use honey

How to use honey you ask? How not to use honey you mean! As we all know, honey is pure, natural and packed full of goodness and there are a million ways this natural goodness can be used. It is most commonly used as a natural sweetener for breakfasts and hot beverages, but many people ask us how to use honey in different ways. With the recent BSI Kitemark endorsing the great quality and nutrient rich properties of our honey, we would love for you to experiment to get the most out your jars!


How can you use honey in recipes? 

There are so many ways you can use honey in cooking. Honey adds a unique flavour and delicate sweetness to everything from starters, to baked goods, to salad dressings and marinades. Using honey as the base for a salad dressing gives it the ‘savoury-meets-sweet’ taste, with the classic honey-lemon or honey-mustard vinaigrette dressing. Moreover, it can be very versatile when combined with a range of ingredients to make a marinade for meat and fish. It can also be used as a substitute for sugar in most baking recipes. Although the texture and consistency can differ ever so slightly, it provides a healthier alternative than refined sugar – a fair trade off in our opinion! The discovery of Manganese, the essential nutrient that the body needs to work properly, in our Heather Honey means it’s classified as a ‘superfood’. What more could you want as an added ingredient? Check out our previous blogs for a selection of recipes and let us know how you get on!


How can you use honey for its healing properties? 

Honey is proving to be more than just a sweet treat. Modern scientific research is validating honey as having medicinal properties. It contains high levels of antioxidants, antibiofilm and prodigious antibacterial. Did you know these unique properties means it can be used as a wound dressing? Honey naturally contains antiseptic properties therefore by applying it directly on to the dressing, it cleanses minor wounds, stimulates the healing process and rapidly clears infection. It can even enhance the effectiveness of antibiotics and reduce the risk of antibiotic resistance. Additionally, mixing honey in with a hot beverage not only sweetens the drink, but evidence shows it helps relieve sore throats by forming a protective film thus soothing the cough and alleviating symptoms. 

Why not try one of our honeys and see for yourself?




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