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Health Benefits of Shrubs

You have seen us talking about our new shrubs - 100% natural fruit cordials that have recently resurfaced in the mixology world.

As a result have become THE hot ingredient for all cocktails and mocktails. Did you know they were super healthy as well as tasting delicious? 

Made primarily of fruit Shrubs were invented centuries ago as a way to preserve fruits before refrigeration was invented. Often called ‘drinking vinegars’, they are known to have several healthy qualities - which you’d expect from the amount of fruit in them.

One of the most famous drinking shrubs is the apple cider vinegar. The principle behind these is similar to all shrubs, including the ones we make. There are many benefits to apple cider vinegar...

  • It has high antioxidant properties and purifying qualities
  • It has been known to promote weight loss and stabilise levels of blood sugar.
  • It helps detoxify your liver and make digestion easier.

Now of course how much goodness you are getting depends on the specific fruit, and where you are getting it from. Here at The Scottish Bee Company, the fruits are grown locally from trusted and seasoned farmers with reputations for looking after their crops.

  • As you all know, fruits are a fabulous source of minerals and vitamins
  • A whole range of purifying and antioxidant qualities
  • Eating lots of fruits can reduce the chances of developing inflation and heart disease. 

The vinegar element is pretty darn good for you as well. It keeps your blood sugar levels down, but stopping you from digesting starch fully. This means for the starch you eat,  your body has a smaller glycemic response - again reducing the chances or you gaining diabetes or heart disease.

Shrubs have been around for centuries, and are finally making a comeback. Why not be the first in your group of friends to revolutionaries the bar or cocktail hour? We have a range of different flavours and recipe suggestions for them all.

How ever you take it - whether mixed, on ice, with alcohol (or as a shot straight from the bottle!) - drink up!

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