Sponsor a Brood Box

How do I sponsor a brood box and what exactly is a brood box? In short, it's the part of the hive where all the baby bees develop.

Along with a certificate and a booklet to learn about the journey of the bee, we’ll send you updates of your brood throughout the year so you can watch them grow from egg, to larva, to fully fledged worker bee. We’ll send you a selection of honeys from our hives to sample and we’ll use your donation to work with Repollinate (our sister charity) to help build wildflower spaces for the bees to thrive in. 

This sponsorship isn’t just a gift for your loved one, but to the next generation of bees.

Your sponsorship includes:

  • Our trio of honey gift set : 1X heather, 1X blossom, 1 x signature blend honey (227g each)
  • A certificate for your brood box
  • A booklet telling you all about your brood box
  • Four email updates throughout the year, giving you all the buzz from inside your brood box
  • £10 donation to Repollinate, our sister charity, which helps bees and other pollinators thrive.
  • 10% off all Scottish Bee Company products for a year