Pure Scottish Honey Duo

Honey 1
Honey 2

Perfect as a gift for a foodie friend or family member, mix and match from The Scottish Bee Company's heather or blossom honeys with our pure Scottish honey duo. Both jars are 340g. 

  • Beautifully packaged in our bespoke gift packaging, each duo comes with a pack of wildflower seeds for the recipient to sow.
  • Wildflowers are an important source of forage for bees and other pollinators so every pack sown helps to boost the pollinator population.
  • All of our packaging is recyclable which makes it a great environmentally friendly gift. 

We don't use the term raw honey for this product as the term 'raw honey' is not permitted by Trading Standards. However, we feel this is what some people mean when they ask if it's 'raw honey': pure honey, taken from the hive and gently warmed so it can be manually filtered (but never above the temperature of the hive and never pasteurised). We do not mix it with anything else. After filtering it is processed in an organic processing facility and jarred to perfection. 

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