honey mustard and garlic salad dressing

Honey Mustard & Garlic Salad Dressing


This Honey, Wholegrain Mustard and Garlic Salad Dressing serves 2 and is the perfect way to boost your healthy lunch!


Half a teaspoon of smashed garlic

One tablespoon of Scottish Bee Company Blossom Honey

One tablespoon of wholegrain mustard

Two tablespoons of lemon juice

Five tablespoons of olive oil


Mix all the ingredients together. Pour and enjoy!


A bit about salads…

The latin word SALTED is the origin of the word salad. Salt used to be a really important ingredient in the traditional salad. Other notable characteristics included being ‘cold’, ‘crisp’, ‘aromatic’ and ‘well seasoned’. Salads have changed over the years and have come to include meats, cheeses and a mixture of raw and cooked vegetables. There are commonly two types: Compound Salads and Simple Salads, the difference being that a simple salad is made up of one main ingredient (such as a tomato salad), rather than a compound which includes several together such as coleslaw or nicoise.

In general there is a simple structure to a salad.

THE BASE - on which the main bulk of the salad sits upon, such as rocket or lettuce. It Is usually leafy and green.

THE BODY - The main ingredient of the salad (and is usually where the salad gets its name from)

THE DRESSING - a liquid substance created to compliment the tastes in the body of the salad and bring out other softer notes.

THE GARNISH - sometimes simply for aesthetics, but sometimes edible - again intended to blend into the body of the salad.


Why dressings on salad?

Most people assume that dressings are only there to improve the taste of the meal, but did you know they can also help with digestion? Many of the nutrients that make salads so healthy must be eaten with some kind of fat in order to be absorbed for the body. By adding oil or mayonnaise, you are helping this process. Now you don’t need to feel so guilty about pouring on the runny stuff.

With so many ready made dressings available in shops, people often forget how simple and rewarding it can be to create your own bespoke dressing, and if you still really struggle, the wonderful people at BBC Food have created this delicious list. But what exactly makes a good salad dressing? Well honey is wonderful mixed with other ingredients but also on its own as a dressing. The type is purely down to personal preference. Why not check out our honey and see what you’d prefer… 

For more healthy recipe ideas, follow this link to our recipes and choose for yourself.



Kelly edge
Kelly edge

Made this today – simply delicious!


Sounds awesome!

Rachel Scott
Rachel Scott

Perfect for BBQ weather – can’t wait to try!!!

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