Raw honey vs pure honey

24 July, 2020

            three pure Scottish honeys

Raw honey vs pure honey is one of the biggest debates in the honey world.


First let's chat about what they are...

In two other recent blogs we've talked about raw honey and what is pure honey.

Here’s a quick recap of our understanding of each one.

Pure honey is taken from the hive and gently filtered to remove all nasties (dirt, pollen, dead bugs), before being packaged.

Raw honey however is taken directly from the hive without any filtration and placed into its packaging.

As all honeys need to be filtered to remove things that don’t belong in honey, one of the only true raw honeys is honeycomb. Again for more information follow this link. Many raw honeys are incorrectly labelled, and so we always recommend checking the label to see exactly what has been done to the honey.

Ultimately, nothing is added to either of them. They are both completely natural and have come straight from the hive. One has had a simple filtering, and heated (never above the temperature of the hive) to allow the filtration, and the other has been taken directly from the hive. In terms of holding onto their goodness, nutrients and natural enzymes, they are both essentially the same. All it comes down to is whether or not you prefer honeycomb or honey? Honeycomb's texture is rougher - it is the product bees make to store all of their larvae, honey and pollen, and is made up of the small, waxy hexagonal structures (which are edible).


pure honey collection page

It is also important to note that around the world (and even in the UK), the definition of raw and pure honey can differ from producer to producer, and they will be labelling their honey accordingly. So what do you do when you find a runny honey that is labelled as raw? If you are looking for a natural honey that has no additives and contains all the goodness from the hive, we recommend checking the label for these key phrases…

  • Never heated above the temperature of the hive
  • Straight from the hive
  • Unpasteurised

Check the ingredients on the jar; corn syrup, rape seed oil, sugar are all additives that dilute the pure honey. You want as few ingredients as possible - preferably one, and in our case, ‘100% Scottish honey’. Always check the website and drop them an email if possible. 

We would love to hear what you think of our selection of pure honey. Try our heather honey, blossom honey or signature blend and let us know what you think in the comments!

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