Unscented Beeswax Candles


Enjoy the natural yet sweet aroma of honey with our unscented and hand-poured white or yellow 100% pure beeswax candles.

  • Beautifully moulded in the shape of our famous honey jars, relax in the warm glow and ambiance this natural candle creates around you. 
  • Each luxury candle is hand-wrapped in stunning recyclable gift packaging, and with wildflower seeds to sow.
  • Cruelty-free and non-toxic, each of our unscented candles burn clean and pure as they are soot free and emit negative ions. An environmentally-friendly choice, they are also biodegradable and last longer than traditional soy or paraffin candles.
  • With our beeswax candles, you can be sure of a beautiful addition to your home and one very much with the environment and bee population in mind

Made in the shape of our 340g honey jars, approximately 10cm x 9cm x 9cm. Burn time is 24 hours.