Signature Blend Honey 227g

Our signature blend honey combines the unique sweetness of blossom with the nutritional benefits of our heather honey. Our bees forage on a mixture of lowland wildflowers and crops and the heather found on the mountainous and rugged terrain of Scotland.


The taste is determined by the flowers that the bees forage on each season, which means no two batches are the same. Heather honey is well known for its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, with high levels of antioxidants and ten times more manganese than any other honey in the world. 100% pure and natural, this sweet and creamy blend is delicious on spread on toast, or to add a kick to your cooking.


Available with beautiful gift packaging and a sample of bee-friendly wildflower seeds or without gift packaging. Free from GMOs and pesticides. 10p from each jar goes to Repollinate (our sister charity) which helps build wildflower gardens around the UK.

We don't use the term raw honey for this product, as the term ‘raw honey is not permitted by Trading Standards. However, we feel this is what some people mean when they ask if it's 'raw honey': 100% pure honey, taken from the hive and gently warmed so it can be manually filtered (never above the temperature of the hive and never pasteurised). After filtering it is processed in an organic processing facility and jarred to perfection.