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Mix and match our range of Scottish Honeys and Beeswax Candles to create a truly Scottish gift.

There are two distinct flavours of honey to choose from: rich and luxurious Scottish Heather Honey and smooth and light Scottish Blossom Honey. Both of these are set honeys and have been gathered from our bee friendly hives located throughout Scotland.

We don't use the term raw honey for this product as the term 'raw honey' is not permitted by Trading Standards. However, we feel this is what some people mean when they ask if it's 'raw honey': pure honey, taken from the hive and gently warmed so it can be manually filtered (but never above the temperature of the hive and never pasteurised). We do not mix it with anything else. After filtering it is processed in an organic processing facility and jarred to perfection. 

The Scottish Bee Company Beeswax Candles are made from 100% beeswax. They are paraben free, not tested on animals and not harmful to aquatic life.
Our Beeswax candles are available in three scents:


Cinnamon, Nutmeg & Orange

Lavender, Sandalwood & Eucalyptus

Vanilla, Cedarwood & Patchouli

plus an unscented yellow or white pillar candle in the iconic shape of our honey jars.

Our gift duos are the perfect Scottish gift for foodies and conservationists, all our duos come gift packaged and with a pack of wildflower seeds for the recipient to sow.

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