Vanilla Candles for sale

Vanilla candles for sale are more popular than ever. After the last year spending so much time at home, candles have become a staple in most people’s living rooms and bedrooms...


With so many scents to choose, often it is the simplest, classic smells that will give you the sense of calm you crave. No scent can do this better than Vanilla. There is something about vanilla candles that makes you both relaxed and uplifted at the same time. ‘Why is that?’ I hear you ask. For years people thought it was to do with it’s plain non-descript reputation, something that reminds you of your childhood or home - but there is actually something in the scent that has a huge effect on people’s mood - especially when looking to comes to sleeping. Click here to read our blog on what candles will help you sleep.

Vanilla is what is known as a friendly fragrance, and is actually used to develop many varieties of fragrance oils that are non-vanilla. This is because it mixes well to draw attention to the softer and sweeter elements of scents it is mixed with. Much of fragrance development depends hugely on the amalgamation of the right ingredients - both to create interesting and complimentary scents, but also to ensure the life of the scent is as long as possible without affecting the scent. Diffusers work in a similar way, but here we prefer candles - Read our blog to find out why candles work better than diffusers.

Every candle scent is made up of ‘notes’ - a bit like wine. There are base notes, middle notes and top notes. The top notes are the main ones you smell - they hit you immediately, but don’t last long. They are made up of compounds with the lowest boiling points. On the opposite end, the base notes linger for the most amount of time - they ensure the main fragrance (top notes) sticks around longer. Fixatives allow this to happen easily, and one of the most recognisable and widely used fixatives is vanillin (or vanilla). Fixatives make sure the scent lasts longer by latching unstable ‘notes’ to the fragrance, ensuring they don’t evaporate quickly. Often Vanilla is the base note within a candle rather than the main smell in a scent as it’s not overpowering.

Here at The Scottish Bee Company we have used vanilla in many of our different candles over the years. Currently we have several new candles that use vanilla - check them out here!

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